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5 Reasons to Hire Freelancers

When your business is growing and you want to expand your marketing efforts it can be difficult to know where to start and how to source talent. Rather than appointing a new executive, more companies than ever before are turning to hiring freelance professionals.

Here, I take a look at just some of the benefits of hiring a freelancer.


Hiring a freelancer is ideal if you want to test a new operation or activity without heavily investing time and money into the recruitment process. Compared to signing up a new employee indefinitely, why not consider hiring a freelance consultant on a rolling contract? Or perhaps arrange a fixed term to measure success, this is perfect if you require management of an individual project or campaign.

Another great option is to go retainer-free, build up a relationship with your freelance contacts whilst they handle one-off assignments for you.

Cost Effectiveness

Pension contributions? Insurance? Sick day cover? These don’t require a second thought when you hire a freelancer.

When hiring a freelance consultant, there should be no hidden costs. Scope out your requirements and be open and honest in conversation and initial discussions in order to make sure that you’ve fully considered the amount of work required for a project to avoid any confusion later down the line.

Access to Highly-Skilled Experts

When you pay for a freelancer’s time, you’re actually paying for years of experience and industry know-how. A freelance consultant can pull together tried and tested methods that have been successful for a variety of clients in order to produce a successful outcome for your project.

Quality of Work

A freelancer is running their own business and the quality of their work will be their watchword. They thrive on repeat clients, recommendations, and new business so it’s in their best interest to do the best for you.

The Workplace is Changing

Life as we knew it changed this year and the workplace dynamic was no exception. Businesses are realising expensive outgoings such as rent and the standard 9-5 work day are quickly disappearing and being replaced with a new, more adaptable and responsive way of working.

If you haven’t worked with a freelance consultant before, now is the perfect time to give it a go!

I hope you found these tips useful, if you’re looking for a freelance marketing and campaign manager - let’s talk!

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