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Five Great Apps I’m Loving Right Now!

Updated: May 13, 2020

Finding a great app can be a bit of a minefield; whilst working out exactly what you’re after, it can be confusing identifying what works and what is value for money.

I love a well designed app, whether it’s a game to pass the time or something that can help manage my home or finances I’m always game to give a new app a try. Here’s a snapshot of some of the apps I’m spending a lot of time on lately - varying across the scale from helping productivity immensely to magnificently crushing it!


Canva is a great website for creating engaging graphics for your social media feed. With thousands of free templates available, its intuitive interface can create a designer from any novice, the additional app is perfect for on-the-go creating with all the same useful features as the website. There is the option to upgrade for additional content, but honestly the free version covers all the bases.

It’s a great app to bring life to any social media post or printed materials.


Class Timetable

Originally designed for students managing class schedules, Class Timetable has been an invaluable tool to manage my time as a freelancer.

It can be synced across multiple devices in order to keep you organised wherever you are and it gives all the nostalgic vibes with colour-coded blocks that you can arrange and repeat weekly! It also allows you to set Tasks for longer term projects and goals. Ideal for bringing some structure to your lockdown life.



Want to experience time travel? Then download Tiktok! Time will FLY by! For a long time, I was determined not to download Tiktok because a) I’m over 25 and b) I don’t need another reason to be on my phone; but just a few hours into lockdown I was desperate.

Initially overwhelmed by the instant video play and viral dance trends, I soon learnt the art of scrolling between these short videos with the algorithm quickly learning what I liked and didn’t like I was soon absorbed in a stream of cute animal videos, haircut fails and hilarious grandparents.

Something I didn’t expect to get out of Tiktok has been the sense of connection it builds. Following creators on their insightful journeys (like Jess of Olivia Van Foxface and her adorable farm) through to experiencing iconic moments like the plight of missing African Grey, Chanel, Tiktok has become a great way to feel a part of something bigger and most of all - fun!

Tiktok sets out to “capture and present the world’s creativity, knowledge and precious life moments”, which, during a time of a global pandemic, is a welcome relief.



You may have seen the adverts for Skillshare - I know I’ve seen hundreds! So out of curiosity I decided to subscribe for a two month trial earlier this year.

A cross between YouTube and night school, Skillshare has a host of Classes on an endless list of topics that are all broken up into bite-sized lessons. Some particular favourites of mine have been Sara Boccaccini Meadows’ (@boccaccinimeadows) class on Botanical Illustration and Entrepreneurship Hustle by Michael Chernow (@michaelchernow).

Whether I’m actively getting involved with a class or passively listening whilst working on other creative projects - I’ve learnt a lot of new skills and habits when approaching my work both creatively and professionally.

If you’d like to try two FREE months of Skillshare Premium where you can access hundreds of amazing classes, visit through my link



If you have an iPad Pro, Procreate is a must download! Priced at £9.99, this is the only app on the list that you have to pay money for upfront. Great for painting, doodling, illustrations and, after a recent update, animation!

Getting the hang of the Procreate does take time and you do require an Apple Pencil to operate it with but once mastered the possibilities are endless! I usually spend most of my time creating fun illustrative borders on the app or if I want a way to switch off I will download a colouring page template and use the Hard Airbrush tool  to colour my evenings away. It’s great for planning and designing unique social media graphics and I have even used it when planning my home office layout - it was invaluable… and it’s what I used to create the banner at the top of this page!

Just ask anyone who has this app and they will tell you how it is worth every penny.


I hope you enjoyed this little run down. Let’s connect on socials and let me know which apps you’re loving right now!


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