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what is social media?

Social media is the ideal marketing channel to connect and build a rapport with your customers. Above other marketing channels, it allows you to identify and target your ideal audience and gives you the opportunity to show a different side to your brand whilst delivering an effective message straight into the palm of your customers’ hands.


Not only does social media give you the opportunity to connect with your followers, you can create an additional sales channel and quickly react to market and economic changes.


Social media is more popular than ever before and is only set to get bigger.  Facebook currently has over 1.4 billion daily active users - 70% of which are logging in every day!

why use social media

Social media is not only a great way to connect with established and potential customers but here’s just a few benefits of having an awesome online presence:


Increase your visibility and reputation - when someone discovers your brand, often they will want to check out your social media feeds to gain a better understanding of what you’re about. An attractive and informative social media feed can help increase trust points for your potential customers.

Test new ideas with minimal financial input - before investing long term, experiment with new ideas and gain instant feedback from your following online.

Drives trackable traffic through to your website - using online analytics makes it’s easy to measure the success of your social media feeds and how people are accessing your website and online store.

An effective sales channel - did you know you can actually set up a store on social media? Your followers can order products directly from your social media feeds, making your products more accessible than ever!

Build interaction and create a community - more than ever people are being influenced to purchase from recommendations; building a space to connect and form a worthwhile relationship that is invaluable to both you and your customers.

Create brand loyalty - you’ve done the hard work with creating your product, let a managed social media feed elevate your branding and attract more customers.


If you’re not sure which social media platforms would suit you, let’s connect and discuss how I can work with you! You can email me at

How i can help you

It doesn’t matter if you’ve attempted social media before or not - I’m here to create an online presence that promotes brand awareness, gets your name in front of potential customers whilst building a story of who you are and your company’s goals.


The content I strive to create is effective and thoughtful whilst being attractive and engaging - something that is key to connecting with your audience.


I schedule posts at optimal times so they are seen by a wide audience and I never “copy and paste” my content, instead I build on what works and what gets results. I’m transparent in the work I do and provide regular feedback and reports for you to measure your investment.

From creating great looking photography through to writing captivating copy, I’m here to design and shape your online offering!

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