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The Ads Package

Facebook Ads can be an invaluable tool to promote your business and products. Far more than just boosting the odd post here and there - Facebook Ads can be used to create highly individual targeted ads that are served directly to your target audience.

Whether you wish to increase your following, retarget established customers or drive trackable traffic to your website, with Facebook Ads - the possibilities are endless!

When managed correctly, Facebook Ads are great value and, unlike most over marketing channels, can be designed around your specific customer personas - you may wish to target local millenials or create a campaign reaching those with a particular interest in cat videos, Facebook Ads give the opportunity to create dynamic, trackable conversions to your website or online store.

Like any type of advertising, the key is to not let content get stale - which is why I can create content updates to coincide with new seasons, events or product launches.

Don't be intimidated by Facebook Ads; for a classic Page Likes campaign I can manage budgets of just £2 per day to build your followers!


What’s included:

  • Advert creation - I create engaging written content combined with clear, attractive imagery that is going to get your business noticed!

  • Proactive mentality - if I see something that's working well, I will share this with you and discuss how we can build further on your success.

  • Image sourcing - let's arrange a photoshoot to bring new life into your products or services that will entice your customers.

  • A monthly report with an understandable breakdown of your live adverts - so you can see exactly what your return on investment is.

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